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Online Marketing Tools

Have you ever paused to think about what an incredibly vast space the internet covers?  I knew about the basics of the internet for personal use like email and FaceBook, but never thought about the abundance of online marketing tools.  When the founder of, Joey Shepp, came to class last week, my eyes were opened to the huge variety of online marketing tools.  Part way through the class, I felt overwhelemed with the ammount of technical terms being thrown around.  Coming into the class, I thought I had a pretty good handle on internet marketing tools, as I had used a few of them during my internship.  Listening to Joey speak, however, reminded me that there is always something more to learn about any topic. 

One of the most interesting (and probably the newest) tool that we talked about is Google Wave.  For those of you who have not heard about Google Wave, it combines all the great features that Google accounts already have like Google Docs, Gmail and Google chat, but allows users to go back and change earlier posts in addition to adding new material.  Joey described it as everyone working together to build a common document.  Google Wave sounds like something that will be extremely useful both in the classroom and in the professional world.

Another point that really stuck out for me is the advertising trend that moves more toward opt-in advertising.  Older advertising campaigns threw information at people and just hoped that the marketing team had selected the correct target audience.  Now, through channels like FaceBook, marketing teams can focus more on the “pull” side of advertising–providing an appealing advertisement that consumers seek out.  Using FaceBook as a prime example, users post tons of information about themselves, then are able to cut ads that do not appeal to them.  This tells marketing teams exactly what each particular consumer is looking for, thereby allowing them to target ads to a specific person.  Personally, I have found that as more information is available about me on my FaceBook page, the advertisements are more and more target directly to me.  It is a little strange how much my FaceBook account pays attention to my interests, likes and dislikes!

I am excited to begin work on our Google AdWords campaigns because then I get to be the one behind the advertisement targeting!  I am very interested in learning how to tweak advertisements we create in class to most effectively reach our target audience.


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Why Socially (un)Acceptable?

As a 21-year old college student, I already feel as though I am falling behind the times in terms of social media.  I don’t have a MySpace or a Twitter account, and this is my first blog.  I will, however, admit to being an avid Facebook user.  This blog is called Socially (un)Acceptable because of my feelings toward social media.  how and why is it that our society has moved away from in-person communication and gravitated toward electronic communication?  I miss the personal aspect of looking someone in the eye, watching their body language and hearing the tone in their voice of in-person communication.  I struggle with how much online media has become its own culture and wonder why we are so attached to our online communities–I have friends who won’t leave their room until they have checked up on their virtual farm, cleaned their virtual fish tank and made sure that all the virtual customers in their online restaurant have been fed and taken care of.  At what point does an online community go from an acceptable place to socialize to an unacceptable overdose of imaginary reality?

As you can see in the image from the Kaiser Family Foundation, children today are spending an incredible amount of time online and with other forms of technology.  When I was younger, I spent my afternoons playing in the back yard with friends and every summer evening was spent playing hide-and-go-seek with the neighborhood kids until our parents called us in.  We wonder why today’s children have an obesity problem.  With the upswing of technology use, it is no wonder that internet marketing is so popular.

This may be a very personal (and strong) opinion, but today’s children need to get outside, take in the fresh air, use their imaginations and learn how to interact with one another without the mask of a computer screen.  I am honestly scared for the future of our world as our culture leans more on the internet and television.  Please take a moment to watch the video, “Did you Know” ( and see if it impacts you as much as it affected me.

I also recommend checking out for more information on children’s social media and technology use.  It’s a very interesting piece.

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