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Have you ever paused to think about what an incredibly vast space the internet covers?  I knew about the basics of the internet for personal use like email and FaceBook, but never thought about the abundance of online marketing tools.  When the founder of, Joey Shepp, came to class last week, my eyes were opened to the huge variety of online marketing tools.  Part way through the class, I felt overwhelemed with the ammount of technical terms being thrown around.  Coming into the class, I thought I had a pretty good handle on internet marketing tools, as I had used a few of them during my internship.  Listening to Joey speak, however, reminded me that there is always something more to learn about any topic. 

One of the most interesting (and probably the newest) tool that we talked about is Google Wave.  For those of you who have not heard about Google Wave, it combines all the great features that Google accounts already have like Google Docs, Gmail and Google chat, but allows users to go back and change earlier posts in addition to adding new material.  Joey described it as everyone working together to build a common document.  Google Wave sounds like something that will be extremely useful both in the classroom and in the professional world.

Another point that really stuck out for me is the advertising trend that moves more toward opt-in advertising.  Older advertising campaigns threw information at people and just hoped that the marketing team had selected the correct target audience.  Now, through channels like FaceBook, marketing teams can focus more on the “pull” side of advertising–providing an appealing advertisement that consumers seek out.  Using FaceBook as a prime example, users post tons of information about themselves, then are able to cut ads that do not appeal to them.  This tells marketing teams exactly what each particular consumer is looking for, thereby allowing them to target ads to a specific person.  Personally, I have found that as more information is available about me on my FaceBook page, the advertisements are more and more target directly to me.  It is a little strange how much my FaceBook account pays attention to my interests, likes and dislikes!

I am excited to begin work on our Google AdWords campaigns because then I get to be the one behind the advertisement targeting!  I am very interested in learning how to tweak advertisements we create in class to most effectively reach our target audience.


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  1. rvella89 said

    I have to agree with you that it is pretty amazing how the ads on FaceBook pay attention to our interests. I found it tremendously interesting to see how these types of advertisements work, and for that reason I am also excited for the Google project.

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