Google AdWords, Here We Come!

I am so excited to start the Google AdWords challenge!  Working on all of our buyer persona profiles this week has been so much more fun than I expected it to be, and I can’t wait to get our campaign underway.  It’s so interesting to break your target market down into specific people because that is something that I never would have thought to do.  Our client, BOK Ranch (check out their website at, has quite a few market segments that we’re targeting with our campaign.  The main categories that we’re looking at are future students, volunteers and donors.  Within each are so many potential target segments!  I was working on a profile for the parent of a future rider, and surprised myself with how quickly I was able to come up with a person to represent this parent.  It was really fun to decide what interests the person would have, what they would be searching for online, and a variety of little details about their personality.

Another piece of the challenge that I’m really enjoying is actually writing the ads.  Working to create an appealing ad in a very limited amount of words is more difficult than I thought!  Each time I write a new ad, the allotted characters seem to disappear faster and faster.  This is, however, the type of challenge that I look for and thoroughly enjoy.

My hope for this campaign is that we can drive more traffic to the BOK Ranch website and recruit more riders and volunteers.  It is an incredible program, and I’m so gald that my team has the opportunity to work with them!


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  1. lvpoole said

    It’s nice to have a hands on assignment that may make a difference for a company. It’s the first taste!

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