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In order to totally take advantage of Search Engine Optimization, Jon Rognerud (author of Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization) suggests that using links to similar sites can be extremely beneficial.  Rognerud says that: “links are like ‘votes’ for your site, as each link functions as a ‘recommendation’ from another site to check yours out!”  I had not thought about this concept before, but essentially, linking your website to another site is sort of like a free advertisement.  If someone is browsing the web and comes across a site that they’re interested in, it is very likely that they would check out any links that are on that page.  By linking your page to any sites that share similar keywords and topics, webmasters are able to piggy-back off of another site’s SEO and add it to their own.

Another way to utilize links is to link to not only the homepage of your site.  When the links are to deeper layers of your site, the person browsing the web is able to move through your site and see all that it has to offer.  Rognerud suggests that when selecting sites to link, webmasters should “make it natural and mix it up–link to the home page, inner pages, and deep/lowest pages in the web site structure.   Make sure the relevant links point to the correct pages; don’t just link to the home page–a common mistake.”

Keep in mind that links can be very valuable, but also be a detriment to a site.  When putting links on your site or having your link put on another site, it pays to be picky.


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  1. I had overlooked the importance of links for a long time, but now it makes sense. The more links you have, the more apparent it becomes that the online community finds your content interesting or otherwise worthwhile. Links establish a kind of network that allows sites to exchange traffic and move people through the network of similar content. Directing people to specific portions of your site with targeted links can really ratchet up the traffic, to be sure. Good post.

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