Web Design

After hearing Joey Shepp of earthsite.com speak in class this week, I am a little shocked at how much I didn’t know about web design.  I was aware of the basics like having to make sure that your site is easy to navigate and pleasant to look at, but realized that I hadn’t even begun to think about the actual content, deciding what web hosting company to go through, and site security to name a few.  Previously, I had thought that it wouldn’t be too difficult to make your own website, as I am only familiar with FaceBook and Word Press, but now I would most definitely hire a web designer!



  1. ani said

    I was also really shocked to learn how much goes in to actually making a website. I didn’t know before this class that websites have web hosting companies, I always just thought you buy and design everything yourself. There are a lot more steps to creating/designing than I knew of!

  2. lilybee31 said

    The again there’s those website you can go to like “wiz” that can help you buy a domain name and create a website all by yourself. Personally, I wouldn’t want to hire somebody to create a website for me because it would be alot cheaper to do it on my own. Another thing is that when you hire somebody to do it for you, they can take their time doing it or charge more moey for little things like adding a picture or dumb stuff like that. I don’t think that’s smart because if you’re in a time crunch, it would be good to launch a website asap instead of waiting for somebody to take their time to do it.

  3. nancy098 said

    I was also really shock on how much work it takes to make a magazine. However, i like how Joey said their are templates that can make things easier. Also I think the factor that someone else can do it for you is NICE.

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