Giving Up Twitter for Lent?

A good friend of mine is COMPLETELY addicted to Twitter–so much so, that he felt he should give it up for Lent.  He is now back on Twitter because Lent is over, but another of our friends has to hold up her end of the no Twitter for Lent deal.  She agreed that she would sign up for a Twitter account and use it at least once per day if the first friend was successful in his 40 days without Twitter.  I am curious to see if she will become as addicted as he was. 

Before taking Internet Marketing, I had a vague idea of what Twitter was thanks to this Twitter-obsessed friend, but only knew the social aspect of Twitter.  He would constantly update everyone on everything that he heard, said, or did.  I didn’t understand this phenomenon and couldn’t grasp why this was such an addiction.  After discussing microblogging in class and reading about it in the Social Media Bible, I understand it’s application to businesses.  The more people that have Twitter accounts, the easier that information can quickly be spread–it’s like a virtual word-of-mouth.  Same goes for the social application of Twitter: if one person (especially in a contained environment like Dominican) tweets something that they overheard in the cafeteria, then the entire school will probably know about it before the end of the day.  The same holds true (on a much larger scale) for how businesses can spread the word about their exciting new product.

With all this in mind, I’m still not sure that I will ever get a Twitter account unless it’s for business purposes, but it sure is an interesting phenomenon to look at!


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