RSS Feed?

So, now that I’ve been in internet marketing for quite some time, the term “RSS” is still something that confuses me.  Thanks to The Social Media Bible, however, I have been able to figure it out a little more.  They describe it by saying: “RSS is an acronym for Rich Site Summary, and although it is the name for this category of tools, it’s a bit like using the brand name Kleenex as the category title for all facial tissues.  Rather than debating the category name, it’s easier to recognize, in general, the common functions of these tools.”  So, essentially, RSS feeds are a way to constantly see information from your favorite sites or sites that have a lot of information that is pertinent to you.

RSS tools like FeedBurner allows people to push their web content.  For example, if you use the basic, free service, you can alert your blog readers when you have new content published.  Eventually, if there are enough people who follow your site–for example a site that sells a product–you may even generate a profit from the increased traffic.  The Social Media Bible says that this type of tool simplifies RSS use for people who aren’t very tech savvy (like me!).  There are a variety of other tools available, but Feed Burner sounds like the easiest to use, and the most practical for the most people.  It now works with Google, so that makes it an even better way to gain traffic.

Now, next time I see the little RSS icon on a web page, I will know what it means.  The symbol was always one of those things that I wondered about, but never clicked for fear of what it might do.  If you hadn’t noticed, I’m not the most tech-savvy person out there…so I really didn’t want to mess up my computer!


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