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Videos gone Viral!

Sometimes, videos are posted on YouTube that become insanely popular in a VERY short period of time.  I read an article about some soldiers in Afghanistan who made a remake of the Lady Gaga/Beyonce video for Telephone, and of course had to look it up and watch it.  My roommate and I were on the floor laughing, and of course showed it to friends.  The article that I read about two days ago stated that at the time, the video had over 200,000 views which was surprising because the video had only been posted about a week before.  Today when I checked, the video had nearly 2,286,000 views!!

This is the perfect example of what it means for something to “go viral!”  People hear about it and share it, and soon, millions are watching.  The best part, I think, about this video is that the soldiers who made it just meant it for their friends and family back home…now well over 2 million views later, I’m sure that their friends and family have not been the only viewers!  If you would like to add to the number of views (and be very entertained), check out this link:


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